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How to trim video with Windows 10 built-in tools

 How to trim video on your computer for free in Windows 10Caching video is one of the most common tasks. To do this, you can use free programs, special programs and Internet services, but you can use the built-in tools in the operating system Windows 10.

In this manual, I’ll explain in detail how to easily trim video with the built-in applications “Movies and TV” and “Photos” (no matter how illogical) in Windows 10.

Trimming video on your computer using the Movies & TV in Windows 10

You can access the trimming video from both the “Movies and TV” application and from the Photos application – both are pre-installed in the system by default.

By default, the video in Windows 10 opens fromthe power of the built-in “Movies and TV” application, but many users change the player by default. Given this point, steps to trimming the video the program “Movies and TV” will be as follows.

  1.  Hover over the video and right-click, select “Open With” and select “Movies and TV”.Open a video using the Movies and TV app
  2.  At the bottom of the video, click on the edit icon (pencil, note that this pencil may not be displayed if the window is “too” narrow or you do not have Windows updates installed) and select “Trim”.
    Crop video program Movies and TV
  3.  The “Photos” application opens (yes, the functions that allow you to trim the video are in it). Move the start and end pointers of the video to crop it.Trimming a video program
  4.  Click the “Save a copy” button at the top right (at the same time, the original video does not change) and specify the location of saving the already cropped video.

Note that in cases where the video is long enough and in high quality, the process can take a long time, especially on a weak computer.

Trim video through the program Photos

You can immediately open the video using the “Photos” program. For this:

  1.  Hover over the video and right-click the context menu – select Open with Photos
  2.  Right-click in the video window and select from the context menu Trim.  How to trim a video in an application Photos Windows 10
  3.  Further actions will be thosesame as in the previous method.

By the way, pay attention to other items that might not be known to you, but can be useful and interesting: slow motion a video, slideshow (with filters, adding text, etc.) – if you have not yet used these capabilities of the “Photos” application, it might be worthwhile to take it into service and, if necessary, clip the next video quickly and free of charge to use these programs.

On this all, all the good!

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